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KGParts started making top feed fuel injector rails for Mazda FD3S RX-7 13BTT-REW engines back around 1997. This was done more on a hobby level than to start a business. Along the journey of making more horsepower, several other items were made and other racers started asking for them at the track locally. The demand started to grow. Soon there were distributors in other countries throughout 4 other continents.


Full Stainless Steel ready made fuel systems were being shipped and installed worldwide. Upgraded Fuel injectors at the time were pretty limited to what was available. New comers to rotary engines started asking for more and more help. Turbo kits producing 680hp on a street driven 3rd gen RX7 were being sold. Weekend tuning sessions were done on a regular basis. A hobby turned into a retail shop. The shop started flow testing injectors to build bigger and better systems and the rest became history.


New Shop location & business focus

In 2008, owner Keith Gibbons decided that fuel injectors as a whole was where his focus had moved. Closing down the retail shop and moving away from an atmosphere of everyone just “hanging around the shop” and getting nothing done led to an employee only atmosphere at the new location. Everything went to mail order only, with the exception of pick-up and delivery to several Marinas in the area where outboard engines were constantly in need of fuel injector service as the ethanol content in fuel purchased on the water had changed .


Rebuilding customer’s injectors as well as selling rebuilt fuel injectors became the main focus of KGParts. Because of this, the company Injector-Rehab was born in 2010. All of the components that were only available to the very few injector cleaning companies in existence were released and introduced to the public on the Injector-Rehab website. The extensive offering of previously unobtainable injector filters, o-rings, grommets, and pintle caps were sold on an individual basis.


Many of the original KGParts items are still available, but sold through the Injector-Rehab website. There are also many new “KGParts” items being produced. Again, just sold on Injector-Rehab.


Thank you to all those who have supported KGParts over the decades. We truly appreciate all the support and are humble to think about how many rotary engines have made so much more HP than stock using our parts.


Click here to see the KGParts product catalog on the new Injector-Rehab site.